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How to take care of your rebozo:

oaxacan rebozos in a pile, stash shot
When working with a rebozo it's important to always provide clean service. 
This means that your rebozo should also be clean before giving a treatment with it to a woman. A rebozo is made with hundreds of threads woven together. Each artisan put their heart in the process. We put our heart in the process of giving a treatment. Therefore as we clean our own space before touching a woman, also the rebozo should be clean, it's an extension of our heart. Midwives recommend active birth workers to get at least 2 rebozos which they can use in their work to have always a clean one on hand.

Here are basic washing instructions for cotton rebozos. They can be washed both by hand or in the washing machine.
Washing instruction:
Wash at least once before use.
  • Preferably 40 Celsius Degrees

  • Soft program/Delicate wash

  • Mild Soap

  • Dry in Shade

  • Tie the fringes together to avoid tangling/ Use a wash bag (Or use a sock to protect them)

  • No bleach, Preferably no tumble dry

After wash you can softly comb the fringes straight with your fingers or with a dry scrub brush.

    stash shot of hand made labor rebozos, earthy colors and violet

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