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Only plant based threads -breathable
  • Description
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  • Description
  • Unique woolen dolls with removable babies in the rebozo!

    Ethically sourced children toys.

    Handmade, 100% wool.

    Soft artisan crafted dolls that have been knitted out of sheep wool by an abuela (grandmother) in our local village at the Souther Mountain range of Oaxaca.

    As much as our children like to be carried they like to play with dolls that carry!


    A mama with braided brown hair, curious face, removable skirt, a baby with a removable hat and a removable rebozo!

    Our local villages still conserve the traditional crafts of knitting from sheep wool, that is a perfect material for our chilly weather. The grandmothers are dedicated in knitting wool clothes and toys and that's how they make their living.

    One, unique pieces.

    The mother dolls are around 32 cm / 12.6 inches tall 

    The baby dolls are around 13cm / 5.1 inches tall


    Recommended hand wash in cold water.

  • Note
  • Handwoven items might contain some weavers knots, pulls or other signs about handwork. Slight changes in color or size might also occur due the change in the thread lots and as the wraps are handmade by various artisans. Each item, in the end, is a unique piece.

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