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Only plant based threads -breathable
  • Description
  • Eco Dyes
  • Washing Instruction
  • Note
  • Description
  • Antama “Huipil Blouse Tlahuia”

    Unisize blouse made out of light handwoven cotton fabric. Perfect for both slightly chilly weather and hot summer days. 

    Feel timelessly chic & fabulous

    Turn heads this upcoming season with this stylish yet cozy “huipil” inspired blouse!

    Thanks to its timeless design, you can wear it either casually or also for more formal events - depending on your mood.

    Feel cozy yet light and lose no matter the climate!

    Due to its warming yet light and loose characteristics, it's wearable both in colder climates to keep you warm and in warmer climates to protect you from the sun.

    Made on a pedal loom from pure cotton by Zapotec artisans in the workshop of Arturo Hernández. Sewn by Herminia García. 

    Blue: 99% Cotton, 1 % Wool

    Brown: 99% white cotton, 1 % organic hand-spun native brown cotton

    Please note: the size and quantity of the stripes do vary, each piece is unique. 



    • Non-toxic
    • Handwoven
    • Natural dyes
    • 100 % artisan-made

    Measures Approximately:

    Shoulder: 44 cm /  17.3 inches

    Shoulder tail: 58 cm + fringes 8 cm / 22.8 + 3.2 inches

  • Eco Dyes


    - Indigofera Suffruticosa- is a native plant to Mexico. Our indigo dye comes from the Istmo region of Oaxaca and is produced by a family that still preserves the knowledge of the alchemy how to create the plant dye. The blue color that fascinates people from different cultures is also called as 'the king of dyes'.  The plant belongs to pea family and makes the plantation soil better.  In traditional medicine it is known to have also many balancing activities.




    Native un-dyed brown cotton (coyuche) from the coast of Oaxaca. 100% organic cotton which is hand spun into yarn with traditional technique.

  • Washing Instruction
  • Washing instruction:

      • Wash Separately 
      • Hand wash/ Delicate Wash
      • Water 30 ºC
      • Mild neutral Liquid Soap 
      • Dry in Shade, Flat Dry (please note the possibility of color leaking)
      • Iron Damp On Low
      • No Bleach, No Tumble Dryer


    • Keep natural dyed products out of direct sunlight. When drying outside please dry in a shaded area.
    • Please make sure detergent or soap does not come into direct contact with the dyed material. Dissolve in water first.
    • Do not use bleach. Some household detergents contain bleach so please check before use.
    • Please be careful around acids, most of the dyes can react to acid.
    • It is possible some of the dyes will change color when they come in contact with iron or copper while wet.
  • Note
  • Handwoven apparel are artisan crafted by hand from start to finish and might change slightly in size or color, contain some weavers knots, pulls or other signs about handwork. The color of naturally dyed textiles is not always equal on the whole fabric but can be darker or lighter in some parts, it can also fade when washed. Each thread dyeing and weaving also creates slightly different piece, so each cloth is unique.

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