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Sizing Guide & Tutorials


Most of the traditional rebozos that are woven on pedal loom are 60 cm wide and around 2 meters long.
We create also wider and longer rebozos, so you can choose the perfect fit for your size and necessities. 

photo credits Allie Souris & Hannah Veale 

2m / 78.7 inches
Sling on one shoulder with sling rings or a knot
2.5m - 3 m
/ 98.4 in - 
118 inches 
Belly wrapping


Belly wrapping is easiest with a rebozo that is longer than 2 meters, especially if you are pregnant. A rebozo of 2.7m is often described as a size 2 wrap and can be used for different carries. For auto massage a 2m long rebozo is enough, but for positions where one person is laying down a 2.5m - 3m rebozo is handiest. You can also add rings to a 2.7m rebozo, check the video tutorials below.





59 inches

2m 78.7 inches
2.5m   98.4 inches
2.6m  102.3 inches
2.7m  106.3 inches
2.8m  110.2 inches
2.9m  114.1 inches
3m  118 inches









How to put the rings to your rebozo:


How to use sling rings in a rebozo:

One of the most frequently requested tutorials from our beloved clients is how to properly use ring slings with a rebozo for babywearing.

Below, you will find a brief description of the video above that explains how to use ring slings in a rebozo.

Step 1:

Make sure you properly unfold your rebozo.

Step 2:

Place your rebozo over your left shoulder.

Step 3:

Hold the ring sling in your right hand.

Step 4:

Thread the tail of your rebozo through both rings, pulling it until the shorter part is 20 centimeters long (excluding the fringes), it should come until your shoulder blade. 

Step 5:

Place the rebozo over your right shoulder, ensuring that the shorter part is at the bottom, and the longer part is at the top.

Step 6:

Reach behind you and pull the rebozo forward. Note: Ensure that the top edge of the rebozo stays up and not twisted while pulling it forward. The rebozo should not be crossed at this point, as it may cause back pain for the baby carrier later and difficulties in placing the baby in the rebozo.

Step 7:

Ensure that the top edge stays up as you gather the end of the rebozo in the following steps.

Step 8:

Pull the rebozo through both sling rings, keeping the upper edge on top.

Step 9:

Take the end of your rebozo, separate the ring slings, and pass the rebozo over the upper and under the lower ring sling. Pull the rebozo until it is completely through and positioned between the two rings.

Step 10:

Once again, ensure that the top edge, which you pulled from the back to the front, remains on top, even in the section where the rebozo is within the ring slings.

Step 11:

We recommend gathering the rebozo from one edge to the other like an accordion as this helps the adjustment inside the rings. Gather it neatly. 

Step 12:

You can adjust the tension of your rebozo by lifting the ring and pulling the rebozo up or down, widening the rebozo as desired.

Enjoy carrying your little ones close to your heart now.

Babywearing in a size 2 rebozo (2.7 meters):





Complete list of size 2 carries here





Fajas have been used traditionally all around the world to give extra support during pregnancy, postpartum, and during work & prayer.

Here we show you a few ways to wrap it around your hips.




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