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About us




We are small-producers of handwoven textiles combining traditional knowledge and modern taste to create textiles for the wellbeing of our clients and our community. We envision satisfied and vital living in the communities of rural Oaxaca where people can fulfill their potential. 

Our main principles have been to work in solidarity with local artisans and aim to provide a secure work with long lasting relationships and sustainable livelihoods. We care for our community and do not bargain down prices with the weavers, sewers or textile providers -We look for making a positive social impact. Therefore we work with community trade principles that are suitable for the communities manners.

For now we work in collaboration with 7 artisan groups around Oaxaca, we are 44 person working directly to Antama and our collaborations include projects with more than 200 families involved.
Antama is one our projects to work in solidarity with the people on the Zapotec lands of Cem Ānáhuac (also called as Oaxaca, Mexico) honoring their work. We are inspired by hand made items not just as a work and creation, but also as a process that each individual faces when entering to the process of learning, the oral transmission, repetition, dreaming/designing and finishing a process. 

The traditional art entwine the culture, oral and practical tradition, cosmo vision, knowledge about the materials, traditional medicine, rituals and symbols of the pueblo (people) and is an expression of the existence of a group of persons. It moves in cycles and is not lineal. 




At Antama we take real steps towards manifesting our vision of wellbeing in rural Mexico. This is done not only with offering work but as investing 10% of each month's gains back to the communities and by local service (mostly in births and tequios, community work). For us the wellbeing in our communities can be manifested also through our local midwives and traditional midwives are on the top of our list of people we want to support.


When you have purchased from us you have participated in this with the following works:



  • A local midwife and her birth house in San Mateo Rio Hondo, Oaxaca. 
This includes:
  • monetary support for the midwife and for the construction and repair of the buildings on the ranch,
  • baby clothes,
  • baby blankets,
  • necessary medicines,
  • fire pit to warm up the birth room,
  • service.
This midwife works with a donation base and does not charge for her work so this has been extremely important for us. This is one of our long-lasting support targets.


  • Construction of the sanitary rooms and kitchen of a community birth house of a traditional midwife in the community of Amatenango in Chiapas.


  • Construction of traditional temazcal (sweatlodge) and sanitary rooms at the birth house of a traditional midwife in the Mixe-community in the mountains of Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec, Oaxaca.


  • The Grandmother Midwives Council: Keepers of the Ancestral Wisdom of Mexico.


  • Local rehabilitation center in San Mateo Rio Hondo, Oaxaca, which is part of the midwifes project with her husband. Monetary support and tequio/service. The center has worked with a donation base since many decades and does not charge for the work so reciprocity is important.


  • Low income families.
  • Newly-married couples with projects that aim to provide work and health in rural Oaxaca (Mountains of San Mateo Río Hondo and Nochixtlán, Oaxaca).


  • Reconstruction of homes affected by the earthquakes in 2017-2018


  • Help for our artisan and their family member in a health situation that asked for cirurgical procedures and by that meaning high costs.


  • Construction of an eco ranch in San Mateo Rio Hondo, Oaxaca.
  • Preservation of native forest in San Mateo Rio Hondo, Oaxaca, more than 6 hectares.

  • What we aim to support in the future:
  • Projects of food sovereignty 
  • Sexual education of children
  • Local productors and farmers
  • Health Community projects
  • Workshops that look for making an impact for liberty, health, against violence and independence especially directed towards local women
  • Midwives, midwives and midwives


Some of the goals and values behind Antama are:

  • Long-lasting partnership with the artisans and to be connected with individuals in the process of making the products. That creates a symbiosis in between Antama and the artisans. We support the handmade production of ecologic and nature friendly items and the traditional art of craftsmanship. We work in collaboration with various artisan families and communities especially in the rural areas of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • For us putting our seed in preserving and reinforcing traditional crafts and helping people to stay to work in their pueblos (hometowns) instead of needing to move to the cities in search of work is very important.
  • We do not bargain down the salaries of the artisans. 
  • One of our main goals is to support life. We want to support the traditional midwifery and rebozos cultural context by sharing information about this ancient wisdom in our social media pages and at our Blog..
  • In 2019 we have worked hard to have plant dyed and organic textiles as well in our collection. Now it's available.



When you write to us, Anna will be answering from this side. She takes care of the administration of Antama, designing, communication with artisans, photos and social media. Manuel prepares the parcels and drives 1,5 hours and back each week to the valley to ship the parcels. He is also in charge of communicating with some artisan groups and the shipping couriers. 


Our path:

Our first daughter our personal introducer into the babywearing in 2012, although the idea of carrying our child was already imprinted in us due to the Mexican tradition and as a practical and ecological way of keeping the baby close. It was clear already much before having children; our babies would be carried! Through our personal need in 2013 we started to bring Mexican babycarriers also to the Finnish people. 

In 2014 in Mexico we opened our wings to connect with more local artisans to create more work places to the local artisans and our shop as a space that can support families and individuals worldwide. We were asked to weave rebozos for a midwife and wanted to go also more to the roots and started to put more energy to the traditional rebozos and the process of designing them.

In 2017 we started a process of creating apparels of handwoven textiles. First pieces were launched public on 2020. 


A N T A M A means “Given” in Finnish and comes from the first letters of our family members during the beginning of this project.

For us all that we have, these projects and the opportunity to work is a blessing given (antama) for us from Above.


We hope this page can give you inspiration, motivation and joy and that you might enjoy fully the artisanal products that are the fruits of the communities

  - created for sharing!


moon rising behind the mountains






we are Manuel and Anna. Parents to four daughters.

We live at Sierra Madre Sur, (Souther mountains) of Oaxaca, Mexico.

We are a Mexican-Finnish couple in search of our true face (rostro verdadero). Apart of Antama our other projects of returning back to the roots is our ranch and social work in the communities. 

We live surrounded by a forest on a ranch that we have been building all the way from zero. It's one of our personal learning spaces, ecologic building with traditional techniques and local materials from the land, herb gardens, planting, guarding organic seeds and so on. Making everything by hand is quite slow, but also rewarding as entering to a learning process is not only about the final result but everything on the way to it.

For us it is important that we, and especially our children, can live surrounded by the 4 elements; we drink fresh spring water, breathe clean mountain air, warm the house by nights with fire and walk on the bare earth beneath us.


At some point soon we might also be ready to start receive some volunteers at our home. If you are interested send us a message! 

We use solar energy.





When we met Manuel was giving a service in a rehabilitation center on the mountains where he had lived for 5 years, he also was holding two temazcals in Miahuatlan where he worked especially with groups of Anonymous Alcoholics. 

Now Manuel is busy with Antama, family and the ranch. He has his hands on the constructions and all the infrastructure of the ranch which he has built from the beginning. He is the active participant in the tequios (traditional community service without payment) in local communities. His family roots come from the region of Tenango del Valle and Michoacan.

Anna is an apprentice of traditional midwifery and that has been one of the ways to bring a seed of service to the local people. She has given birth in three different ambients: at hospital, birth center and at home, one was a breech baby. Enjoying all the wisdom that the abuelas parteras (grandmother midwives) share with her she hopes to be able to share it with the community. Before that she did a couple of Doula trainings and a babywearing consultant course. She enjoys dancing and connecting with nature.



rebozo on pedal loom



Anna I received the rebozo today! It is absolutely beautiful! I already have her proudly on display in my house. I am honored to be entrusted to carry on its' culture and history with every pregnant woman this shawl touches. Thank you again for going out of your way to get this to me!

Kati S.

In love with this sling!! So beautiful. The color is gorgeous, the quality is high, and the customer service high to match. Very happy with my purchase. I am very excited to use this on my newborn when he arrives! Thank you so much!

Talia D.

Dear Anna, wanted to let you know that we've received the rug and I'm so-so happy! It looks lovely in our room with its beautiful colours and of course I love the traditional pattern of it.I'm also very pleased to make this order with you, you've been really helpful, thank you.  I also do appreciate the work by the artisans that was put into the rug, it has found a happy home with us :) Wish you all the best

Gabriella R.

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