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who we are


We are Manuel and Anna. Parents to four daughters.
We live at Sierra Madre Sur, (Souther mountains) of Oaxaca, Mexico.

We are a Mexican-Finnish couple in search of our true face (rostro verdadero). Apart of Antama our other projects of returning back to the roots is our ranch and social work in the communities. 

We live surrounded by a forest on a ranch that we have been building all the way from zero. It's one of our personal learning spaces, ecologic building with traditional techniques and local materials from the land, herb gardens, planting, guarding organic seeds and so on. Making everything by hand is quite slow, but also rewarding as entering to a learning process is not only about the final result but everything on the way to it.

For us it is important that we, and especially our children, can live surrounded by the 4 elements; we drink fresh spring water, breathe clean mountain air, warm the house by nights with fire and walk on the bare earth beneath us.


When we met Manuel was giving a service in a rehabilitation center led by a midwife and her husband on the mountains, where he had lived for 5 years. He also was holding two temazcals in Miahuatlan where he worked especially with groups of Anonymous Alcoholics. 

Now Manuel is busy with Antama, family and the ranch. He has his hands on the constructions and all the infrastructure of the ranch which he has built from the beginning. He is the active participant in the tequios (traditional community service without payment) in local community. His family roots come from the region of Tenango del Valle and Michoacan.

Anna is an apprentice of traditional midwifery. She has given birth in three different ambients: at hospital, birth center and at home, one was a breech baby. Enjoying all the wisdom that the abuelas parteras (grandmother midwives) share with her she hopes to be able to share it with the community. Before that she did a couple of Doula trainings and a babywearing consultant course. She enjoys dancing, arts and connecting with nature. 

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