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  • Description
  • Big Aluminum SlingRings with hand buffed color.

    Made in the USA.


    With these you can use your rebozo for babywearing without tying a knot on it.

    Rings are made specifically for use in baby carriers. Designed to be lightweight, colorful and free of welds. They are strength tested, to ensure safety and strength. Also tested for lead/heavy metal/etc. in an independent laboratory to ensure strength and non-toxicity.

    Smoothed and made of only the strongest materials.

    It is fine to wash slings made with these rings in a regular washer. They can also be dried in the drier. You should check your sling and rings carefully after they are washed and dried and before you wear them again.

    Price for a pair of sling rings.



    Please note that some scratches because of transportation might appear.

  • Measures
  • Outer diameter: 8.9cm / 3.5 inch

    Inner diameter:  8cm / 3.14 inch

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