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10% of the gains will be directed to traditional midwives and social projects -since 2016
Only plant based threads -breathable
  • Description
  • Size Guide
  • Washing Instructions
  • Note
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  • Description
  • Antama “Petalo Gris Rebozo”

    This rebozo looks pinkish with its gray colored fabric with thin red stripes. There's three sections of wide brown diamond patterns in the tails. The center has three narrower diamond patterns. You can find different details and textures throughout the rebozo.

    Made with high quality cotton, a premium quality rebozo.

    The Rebozo is a shawl used in the Mesoamerican tradition for many purposes. It’s a vital companion for many life cycles and transitions.

    Your aesthetic multi-talent when it comes to supporting your family's and your own health

    Empower yourself and your family through this lightweight, comforting & practical day to day companion!

    Best materials for optimum wearing experience

    Whether you're …

    • carrying your baby, or
    • wrap your womb to support your pregnancy, postpartum, menstruation or even prayer practices

    … be assured that you and this magical shawl are a match made in heaven!

    Let your day to day life be taken to the next level by feeling confident and cozy & keep your youngest family members close to you. 

    All of our products are ethically produced and support life in rural Mexican areas, local community projects and midwifery.

    Made by the Garcia family.


    We are one of the first producers to bring out custom made rebozos also for tall people


    • 100 % cotton rebozos
    • Made with high quality cotton
    • Softens with the time
    • Handwoven on a pedal loom in Oaxaca, Mexico
    • Only plant based threads
    • Light, robust, and resilient materials
    • Supports day to day life
    • 100 % artisan made
    • Rebozo is an extension of loving hands

  • Size Guide

    Size Use
    120cm /47.2 inches

    Head/Foot massage, head scarf, light shoulder scarf (also for kids)

    2m / 78.7 inches

    Sling on one shoulder with sling rings or a knot


    2.5m - 3 m

    / 98.4 in - 

    118 inches 

    Belly wrapping




    Complete sizing guide and tutorials:


  • Washing Instructions
  • Wash at least once before use.

    • Preferably 40 Celsius Degrees
    • Soft program/Delicate wash
    • Mild (eco) Soap
    • Dry in Shade
    • Tie the fringes together to avoid tangling (Or use for example elastic hair band or a washing bag to protect them)
    • No bleach, Preferably no tumble dry
    • We recommend to use a laundry bag
  • Note
  • Handwoven items might contain some weavers knots, pulls or other signs about handwork. Slight changes in color or size might also occur due the change in the thread lots and as the wraps are handmade by various artisans. Each item, in the end, is a unique piece.

  • Measures
  • Around 2,7m /106 inch long (+fringes)

    Roughly 57-63 cm / 23.6 inch wide

    Fringe in the ends

    Can be machine washed. 


    GSM: Approximately 230 gsm

    At antama you find:

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