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To be able to receive all the benefits of babywearing, it is important to wear the baby in a correct and safe position, respecting the ergonomics and structure of both the baby and the caretaker.

In the correct method of carrying the legs are spread slightly apart and the baby is brought into a kind of squatting position, where the baby's knees are slightly higher than her bum.  The spine keeps its healthy curve that is almost a C in birth. This position encourages the optimum hip and spine development and healthy back muscles. If you are wearing a newborn it is recommended to use a small cloth or towel wrapped inside the upper rail of the carrier as a support for her neck and head.

Look always for babycarriers that allow you to place the child correctly in them. A babycarrier should mimic how you would hold your baby in your arms. Keep the baby´s body close to yours and close enough to kiss.

The fabric should cover the baby’s feet from knee to knee.





Wearing a child is a very safe method of carrying an infant when done properly and with a few guidelines in mind.


1. Make sure your baby can breathe.

Check that your baby is not curled down in a chin-to-chest position, which can compress your baby´s airway and restric the baby´s ability to breathe. A fingers’ width or two in between the chin and chest is a practical guideline.

2. Make sure your baby´s back is straight and supported.

Especially newborn babies need a good back support to avoid them not to curl their chin against the chest. A straight back also provides the right development for the baby´s muscles, spine and hip.

3. Never cover the baby´s head and face with a fabric.

The baby might curl down in an unhealthy position or “rebreathe” the same air causing a dangerous situation. Do not place extra fabrics over the face and check the clothing is safe.

4. Never jump, jog or do activities that subject your baby to strong shaking motion.

This can cause damage to the baby´s brain, neck and spine.

5. Never wear the baby in a car.

Safety car seats are made for that, babycarriers do not provide any protection.

6. Keep the baby close to your body.

Make sure the babycarrier is tight enough around you two to avoid dropping from it. Like this you also provide an optimal position for the developing body of the child. Also the gravity point stays close to your torso, which allows you to carry the child longer without getting tired. Keep the head close enough to kiss.

7. Be aware of the baby´s hands.

Children can reach things that you cannot even see when carried on the back. Be aware when cooking for burns, cuts and jumping oil.

8. Be aware of your grown size.

The baby adds some in your size so look your baby is safe from hitting to the doorframes, walls, people, etc.

9. Check the position every now and then.

Use mirrors, reflective surfaces and let other persons look if the baby is still in a good and safe position after carried for a while.



10. Practice when you both are in a good mood.

Try new carries when you both feel calm and are well rested. Practice with a doll first. Always support your baby with your arms until you are confident that she´s safely in the carrier.



Always remain active in caring for your child and use your common sense on checking for the security and risks. In the end, you are the one responsible of your baby.

And then, Enjoy!!



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