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traditional rebozo, toddler and traditional mexican clothes

Rebozo is a traditional Mesoamerican fabric that is most often weared on one shoulder. It is a fabric that is adjusted with a slipknot or a double knot on a shoulder and used to carry babies, toddlers and "things". Rebozo can be also a short wrap ("shorty") and used to carry baby on the hip, back or forward. Great for newborn babies and toddler that like to walk and to be carried.

Read more about rebozo and it's cultural and historical backgrounds at our Article.




One of the most simplest babycarrier, a Ring Sling is a piece of fabric that goes over one shoulder and usually around the opposite hip.

It has a pair of rings attached to one end to adjust the size of the sling for the user and to replace the knot method of tying used in traditional shawl carriers such as the Mexican rebozo.

Ring Slings are an ideal newborn carrier together with the rebozo and genial also for the up-and-down toddler phase. They give often a great introduction to the world of the babycarriers.




The most versatile babycarrier, handwoven wrap, allows you to make all kinds of carries;

quick one shoulder carries to two shoulder carries (where the weight of the baby is distributed both to the caregiver`s torso, shoulders and hip), as well as carries in front, hip and on the back.

Natural fabrics are breathable offering strength, just the right amount of diagonal stretch and the right texture to hold the baby secure.

Wraps are optimal from newborn to toddler. The thickness of the wrap usually makes the difference; usually a lighter wrap is better with a newborn, when the thicker wraps support well the heavier weight of a toddler.

Wraps can be found in many different sizes and can be used for many years.



An Asian style babycarrier Mei Tai has a more or less rectangular body panel, shoulder straps and waist straps often with a headrest, or a sleeping Hood, for the baby.

Mei Tais, especially adjustable Mei Tais, can often be used from a small baby to a toddler.

Wrap converse Mei Tais have the straps made out of woven fabric, which provide a custom fit as they are tied onto the wearer and especially many dads like them, as they are fast to tie and very easy to wear.

With a Mei Tai you can carry in front, on side and on the back.


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